Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor Fight Confirmed After Controversial Drug Investigation

“The Mayweather Tour has been postponed because Mayweather has signed the contract for the McGregor Fight and serious training has started,” said a statement from the organisers in Accra.

“His visit will be after the fight. But the World Title Eliminator between ObodaiSai and Walter Kautondokwa will go ahead as scheduled,” in reference to the clash between WBO rated number 12 middleweight, Sai of Ghana and Namibia’s undefeated WBO rated number 8, Kautondokwa for the WBO Africa Middleweight title as well.”

Why is it that this supplement is so controverisal? Can this potential end the fight before it even begins?

What McGregor had to say:

“I know Floyd is training, he’s getting ready. Now he’s working consistently, normally he wouldn’t do that unless he’s getting ready for something. He’s getting ready for something. I think Floyd will be comfortable at any weight. It’s a boxing match, it’s not an MMA match. It doesn’t really matter what I can bring, I have two hands just like Floyd. I would say at the max, the fight may make six rounds, maybe. I have something he has. I will crush him and show the world he isn't the best, I am.”



Who else is amped for this fight! This is definitely something new. Comment below!

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Updated Reporter | Alice Clemmens | Us Weekly News

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Mayweather's a loathsome character but if McGregor was to win we'd never hear the last of this loudmouth crowing about his own magnificance. Back in Ireland where he comes from they have a word for people like McGregor: "gobshite".
Reply . 13 Like . 12 minutes ago
A ridiculous fight. Are they going to have the rematch be MMA rules? That would have been an interesting fight, to see how the top boxer would fare against the top MMA. McGregor has gotten used to fighting at a heavier weight, so the 154 lbs will favor Mayweather, as Conner will have to drop serious weight. Someone tell me again, why are they fighting under boxing rules? There have been plenty of boxers switch to MMA and do well. Their skills translate well to MMA. There is just a lot more allowed there. Going from MMA to boxing, you lose almost your entire skillset.
Reply . 6 Like . 13 minutes ago
Bro, you have to try that shit. It actually works... dammit Conor has been holding back on the public. Scared his opponents will take the same thing
Reply . 58 Like . 25 minutes ago
McGregor has a punchers chance of hurting Mayweather. McGregor tends to drop his hands when boxing. He best learn to keep his guard up or he's going to sleep real fast. People want a show and these two blokes REALLY hate each other. I hope it can go 5 rounds. I'll put money on McGregor that night instead of my usual POWER Ball tickets.
Reply . 53 Like . about an hour ago
The CHAMPIONSHIP fight between Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golvokin is the fight worth a promotional article. Or even Kovalev vs Ward rematch. Not this bs.
Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago
lol I gained like 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks. I couldn't even GAIN WIEGHT when I stuffed myself with Mcd and baked potatoes LOL
Reply . Like . 2 hours ago
This fight scares me as nothing good can come of it. If Mayweather wins, so what? If McGregor wins where does that leave us?
Reply . 12 Like . 2 hours ago
McGregor beats a 40 year old guy that hasn't had a fight for 2 years, lol, OK Even after we know the result of the fight between Mayweather and McGregor we're not going to learn anything more than we've just seen 2 guys make over $100 million dollars each. It's an absolute circus, a sad, disappointing circus.
Reply . 30 Like . 2 hours ago
worked for me! It worked just like I thought it would. Just want others to know. Not sure if NO2 helped or not, but I took that too
Reply . 53 Like . 2 hours ago
Just gonna drop my life savings into mayweather. He isnt gonna let this sucker win and ruin his 49-0.. cmon
Reply . 16 Like . 2 hours ago